Powerful Customization

Handling lots of different bookings types can be a chore especially when staff and customers aren't sure on what they need to collect or provide to successfully book in at your business. Cluboid helps you automate the process with powerful customization so that you never need to write a confirmation email, chase customers for extra details, or get caught up sending out the booking confirmation ever again.

Follows Your Lead

Creating a customized booking is a breeze with options for the customer and your own staff to add or remove details such as booking notes, amount of guests, guest names, guest genders, guest dates of birth, minimum spends and pre-order packages.

Considers Every Step

Once a custom booking has been created there are even more options. Do you need to send booking confirmations, reminders, or check in requests, and if so when should these be sent out? With Cluboid's booking steps any combination or option is possible.

Communicates Easily

Handling bookings often involves handling a large amount of SMS and email communication and the sending out of booking confirmations and reminders can often be a long task taking hours each week. Cluboid happily sends these out automatically.

Feels more personal

When communicating with your customers whether that's by a confirmation email or a reminder SMS it's important that it's personalised so that your company does not come across robotic. All outbound messages from Cluboid are automatically personalised.

Never Forgets

Reminders are a big part of the bookings process in any venue, and on average this can take up 156 hours of staff time per year just to chase the bookings. Now with Cluboid once you set your reminders up they're automatically sent via email and SMS. No staff needed.

Collects The Data

Core to any business is it's customer database and building this up can take time. But one thing is for certain guests joining the booking are often perfect to market too, so Cluboid can automatically request all party members check in providing their marketing details.

Everything you need to deliver legendary service

It takes more than a reservations & booking system to make your customers fall in love with you.

Enquiries CRM

Enquiries CRM

See in depth data on each customer including images & contact details.

Bookings calendar

Bookings Calendar

Get organised knowing that your bookings calendar is always up to date .

Custom bookings

Custom Bookings

Your business is unique so use software with infinite booking types already built in.

Pre orders


Be prepared before your reservation arrives by allowing customers to pre-order.

Resource management

Table Management

Manage your resources to get as much as possible from your business setup.

Sales reporting

Sales Reporting

Reward the top performers in your business by viewing sales levels.

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Incredible support, guaranteed

We pride ourselves on amazing support. We guarantee that you will feel good about dealing with us should you have any support queries.

Your business is our business and we want you to succeed, we pride ourselves on amazing support. We guarantee that you will feel good about dealing with us should you have any support queries. It's free and we plan to keep it that way forever. That's a promise.

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