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The most user-friendly bar software on the market, designed by legitimate nightlife ninjas.

The pen may be mightier than the sword, but not when it comes to taking bookings. Then a pen is pretty old hat. So how about a tech solution that instead of being fraught with complex looking toggles and buttons, just did what you asked it to? At Cluboid, we can't stand overcomplicating things. That's why we've made it our mission to build the world's most slick, savvy and straightforward software, without compromising one bit on strength.

Cluboid software is robust enough to tackle thousands of bookings just as well as it can handle the minute detail of a smaller, independent venue. It's actually customisable to it.

We think you'll agree that Cluboid software packs quite the punch, so step into the ring.

Enquiries CRM Software

Enquiries CRM

We believe that dealing with your customers should be a pleasure, not a hassle. That's why we've combined all of our brainpower to design and create the perfect system for everything CRM. Now, you can coordinate hundreds of reservation requests all in one hit, and never drop the ball on a single one. Cluboid lets users easily sort and organise all enquiries from one handy, and intuitive window.

Custom Bookings Software

Custom Bookings

No two bookings are the same, and Cluboid understands that. Right from the get-go, your bookings can be as one-of-a-kind as your customers, and facilitate each and every reservation need. Cluboid software allows users to create unlimited booking types, with absolutely no limitations. You need to book out a karaoke booth or ping pong table, as well as seats at the bar and tables for dining? Whatever services you offer, Cluboid has it covered.

Booking Calendar Software

Bookings Calendar

We want you to look at your chock-a-clock booking calendar and feel like things are under control, so our calendar is custom-built for organisational peace of mind. Effortlessly view, edit and organise all reservations - by date, or by table - so you can compartmentalise each and every day for the best possible customer experience. Awkward double bookings? We've never heard of such a thing!

Bar Bookings & Reservations Managed

Pre Order Software


In hospitality work, there's nothing worse than being unprepared, but with Cluboid pre-orders and requests - you'll never have to be. Cluboid lets your customers tell you everything they would like present on their night out, so you no longer have to deal with costly waste or demand that you can't cater to. Forget last minute 'It's my friends birthday' on a busy Saturday night - Cluboid keeps you one step ahead at all times.

Booking Deposit Software

Customer Deposits

Don't you just hate all those pesky no-shows and last minute cancellations? They can really throw a spanner in the works. Especially when you consider how much time your staff laboured over chasing and confirming that booking - what a waste! Cluboid doesn't like to be wasteful so instead put our energies into making a super-easy way to take customer deposits in advance. Curb costly no-shows and food waste by taking down payments from your guests there and then!

Table Management Software

Table Management

Never double book that corner booth again. Cluboid helps you make the most of all your venues resources by providing a responsive floorplan to demonstrate when each and every table is booked, for how long, and enables you to make live amendments to them. We've even added a waiting list feature for especially busy nights, so any cancellations can be swiftly replaced by the next in the pecking order.

How can we help your bar?

Our aim is to buy back all the time that you and your staff spend with arduous booking admin and reservation handling. Cluboid will collate all of that important info into one comprehensive app, that actively helps to bring business to your bar.

As soon as all that data is together, your bar can not just operate more efficiently, but more productively, leaving you will surplus time to invest in other areas of your business.

We want to take a load off your shoulders and deal directly with all customer relations from start to finish. We'll market for you using savvy analytics, smoothly handle all bookings, send text reminders and even follow up with your guests after a visit just to make sure they're experience was second to none.

Cluboid is cruise-control for customer satisfaction, helping you offer every visitor that extra special treatment.

So now you're hands-free, what are you gonna do with all that spare time?

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We pride ourselves on amazing support. We guarantee that you will feel good about dealing with us should you have any support queries.

Your business is our business and we want you to succeed, we pride ourselves on amazing support. We guarantee that you will feel good about dealing with us should you have any support queries. It's free and we plan to keep it that way forever. That's a promise.

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