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The nightclub software revolution designed with you in mind.

It's Saturday night, you're rushed off your feet and someone has picked now to call and try to book a birthday. You're waving at your bartender trying to find the bookings diary, but she's up to her neck in Jägerbombs. You ask them to ring back in 5 minutes, but they don't with that booking now forever lost in the abyss.

Well Cluboid won't stand for it. That's why we've created the most robust, adaptable and intelligent booking software on the market right now. One that's not swimming in complicated toggles and redundant features, but still holds the power to process thousands of reservations and the smarts to handle the tiny details of each and every one.

We know. Quite the feat, right?

If you're sick and tired of so-called 'miracle fixes', then how about trying a real one?

Enquiries CRM Software

Enquiries CRM

We make your CRM our business, and in doing so, guarantee a pristine level of customer service time and time again. Cluboid software takes all of your customer enquiries and consolidates them into one powerful app, whilst simultaneously storing all of that important information or viewing. Customer contact details, photos and customer data are all keep securely locked away for you to then use marketing purposes.

Custom Bookings Software

Custom Bookings

Perhaps you offer rooms, perhaps you offer booths. You might even be throwing an event where you need to modify your booking types to something completely different, and at Cluboid, we're equipped for that. We understand that every booking is as unique as the person placing it, so our Cluboid is fully customisable and allows users to create infinite booking types for all of their reservation needs.

Booking Calendar Software

Bookings Calendar

Having your calendar fully booked should be a cause for celebration, not panic. With us, that's a given. We help you feel in the driver's seat with a calendar specially designed for organisational zen. Filter, view, amend and organise all of your nightclub bookings by table or date, and even allow your staff to remotely add or remove from the calendar view in real-time if anything changes. That's right, no more wrestling over that booking diary. Who likes sharing anyway?

Nightclub Bookings & Reservations Managed

Pre Order Software


Pre-orders make sure there is no way your customers can leave feeling disappointed, and you can make the absolute most in sales possible. Allow your customers to tell you what they want before they even arrive, so you're able to provide world-class customer service. Someone wants a nice cold bottle waiting for them on arrival? No problem. Fancy missing out on the sale of a magnum bottle because you didn't happen to have one.

Booking Deposit Software

Customer Deposits

There's nothing quite as heartbreaking as seeing a big table go completely to waste due to someone failing to show up. Cluboid just won't have it. No Sir. We've created a super simple way of taking customer deposits to combat all those irksome no shows and last minute absentees. Forget costly food waste and missed sales opportunities, Cluboid now allows you to take payments from customers the moment they place a booking!

Table Management Software

Table Management

We know how tough it can be to keep tabs on what's what with the traditional booking set up, so we've designed a responsive floorplan that means you'll never make a double booking again. Cluboid software allows your to view the availability of every table in your venue, as well as access all booking info related to it in real-time. When you're fully booked, our waiting list function allows you to store additional info on a digital waiting list- so any cancelled tables can be reallocated with ease.

How can we help your nightclub?

You know how much easier it is talking on the phone using hands-free? How about hitting the highway and slipping into cruise control? Well, think of Cluboid as your bluetooth headset for all things CRM.

We want to help you by taking one big hassle off of your management plate. We aim to help all of our clients supercharge their productivity by buying back all of that time spent faffing with complicated diary management and booking handling. Instead of pouring hours into unnecessary admin, all of your customer data gets sorted and organised by yours truly and displayed in one delightfully straightforward Cluboid window for your viewing pleasure.

With efficiency optimised, and all this extra time, you're free to focus on other important elements of your business. We'll even take care of analytics-driven marketing and customer aftercare to make sure your customers feel like VIPs from start to finish. Who wouldn't want that?

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We pride ourselves on amazing support. We guarantee that you will feel good about dealing with us should you have any support queries.

Your business is our business and we want you to succeed, we pride ourselves on amazing support. We guarantee that you will feel good about dealing with us should you have any support queries. It's free and we plan to keep it that way forever. That's a promise.

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